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Exceed Guest expectations, give them home experience WIFI

On holiday, everyone just wants great WiFi, in all accommodation & across the whole site. Enjoy themselves, stream entertainment, share photos, social posts & check-ins, book activities, find local info, plus give great reviews. 

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Delivering the WIFI experience
for Awesome       reviews

Solutions tailored for all Holiday & Residential Parks, temporary pitches and Retirement communities.


Ideal for new or existing parks. Each accommodation unit has its own small receiver and internal WiFi router. The discrete receiver is powered by the internal router and backhauls traffic to an external Access Point. Guests connect to the internal WiFi router. This method provides a “home experience WiFi” without the need to lay fibre cable to all units.  Temporary pitches can also access Shared WiFi services too.

Extend your Network life
  • Multigigabit speeds
  • Private site-wide network
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Home WiFi experience
  • Managed service


Ideal for new parks, or a complete refresh. Dedicated fibre direct to every accommodation unit. Using an internal wifi router, this provides gigabit WiFi. This method provides the best “home experience WiFi” as well as 'Futureproofing your Park'. Other media like TV and own Video information channels, or Guest Services and VoIP calls can be delivered, along with CCTV or Smart monitoring. Fibre to Cabinet or Fibre to Premises options.

Extend your Network life
  • Multigigabit speeds
  • Secure, cabled to van network
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Connected Home experience
  • Managed service

Shared WiFi

Ideal for existing sites or parks with fewer mobile homes, residents or static caravans. Shared WiFi uses external access points located across the park, which provide guest access both outside and inside the accommodation units, this can be free open access or private paid for access. No WiFi router is required, so great for temporary camping and caravan pitches or glamping structures.

Extend your Network life
  • Hotspots
  • Inside & Outside
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Reach all Pitches
  • Friendly WiFi


Cloud-based dashboard can be used to remotely manage many sites, all Guest services, monitor all Access Points. Identify trends, footfall or Sales and Marketing opportunities.

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Benefits of WiFi 6/6E

Each WiFi standard takes a significant leap forward on the previous one; with bigger jumps just to keep ahead of the exponential demand and type of usage.

Your technology is likely to be at least eight or possibly 13 or more years old.
The difference between older and current is like dial-up access from the 90s, compared to superfast broadband of today.

A WiFi refresh or upgrade will make a huge difference in speed, number of connected users & devices; power usage of those devices, with less interference or conflicts with other networks and devices.  Far better performance in crowded spaces, handling the volume of simultaneous data traffic & improved security. Overall capacity, capability, peace of mind, performance, and extending the life of your network.

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are overcrowded, with thousands of different device types, including IoT, all competing for space, unlike the wide-open 6 GHz spectrum which is occupied only by efficient WiFi 6 connections, removing frustrations currently caused by congestion on many WiFi networks.

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For You
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
For Your Guests
  • Home Experience WiFi
  • Connect All Devices with Ease
  • Keep Whole Family Entertained


Frequently Asked

With industry leading Partners & Suppliers, along with our meticulous approach to projects and best practices, DigitalAir delivers successful WiFi deployments time and time again.

Throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.. Talk to one of our Wireless or WiFi experts.

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A Network Survey Health Check will identify whether or not we can re-use or upgrade any existing equipment and technology or services.

Project Gigabit Also, the Gigabit Voucher Scheme, was relaunched in the last Budget (2021) and you may be eligible, dependent upon location. There are three main eligibility criteria, whether an SME, rural location and can you double your Bandwidth capacity?

Government launches new £5bn ‘Project Gigabit’ - GOV.UK (

Use the Postcode Check.

Super Deduction

On a more time sensitive basis, and with the advice of your Accountants; in the 2021 Budget there is the Super-Deduction tax break, providing significant relief against investment in Plant & Machinery. As far as our limited research goes, claims may include Fibre optic cabling, wiring, Computer equipment & Servers, Software licences but not Cloud Services currently, Integral features of buildings such as lifts, air-conditioning, electrical systems, Demolition of old or redundant plant and machinery, plus installation of Solar Panels.

In theory, especially if funded by a lease purchase, providing ordered and installed before March 2023, relief on the entire project would carry forward into the following year too, but please check with your Accountant as interpretation may differ.

October 2021 Budget Update

Chancellor Rishi Sunak - “I’m announcing today, for one year, a new 50% business rates discount for businesses in the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors. Pubs, music venues, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, theatres, gyms.” Any eligible company can claim a discount on their bills of 50%, up to a maximum of £110,000. Sunak said that is a business tax cut worth almost £1.7 billion.  


Government measures include: introducing a new revaluation cycle that will be delivered from 2023; a new investment relief to encourage businesses to adopt green technologies like solar panels. There will be a new ‘business rates improvement relief’. From 2023, firms will be able to make property improvements, and, for 12 months, pay no extra business rates.

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