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Hotels, Shopping Centres and Large venues are faced with an increasing demand for guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an internet access service will give you the opportunity to:

  • Offer a WiFi Hotspot service at your location
  • Increase your visitors by offering FREE access, paid or both.
  • Secure an on-going revenue for your business by charging for access.
  • Increase your company profile with your social login and win new customers.
  • Provide a valuable service to your customers.

DigitalAir Wireless have several solutions to help you meet these goals. If you are simply looking to offer "free" internet access to your visitors or would like to gain some reoccurring revenue from internet sales then DigitalAir Wireless have the following scalable solutions:

Small Venue

Our "Small Venue" solution is ideal for venues that are looking to support less than 25 concurrent users at anyone time.

A Typical Small Venue is:

  • B+B's
  • Small Hotels
  • Cafe's or Bar's
  • Small Location Hotpsot

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Medium Venue (25+)

Our "Medium Venue" WiFi Hotpsot soltuion is ideal for venues that have several users requiring WiFi throughout their venue.

A Typical Medium Venue is:

  • Hotels
  • Caravan Parks or Holiday Parks
  • Shops
  • Small Public Places

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Large Venue (100+)

Our "Large Venue" WiFi Hotpsot soltuion is ideal for venues that have hundreds or even thousands of users requiring WiFi throughout their venue.

A Typical Large Venue is:

  • Public Area Wi-Fi
  • Stadiums or Sports Facilities
  • Large Campsite Wi-Fi
  • Shopping Centres

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WiFi Hotspot Features

  • Custom your portal
  • Take card or voucher payment
  • Gather intelligent statistics
  • Mobile phone support
  • Not just for WiFi
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Stay compliant with EU law
  • Cloud-based hotspot solution


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