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Hospitality, Retail, City Centres in fact nearly every public space is being faced with an increasing demand for guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises and having the ability to offer a WiFi internet service will give you the opportunity to:

  • Increase your visitors by offering FREE access, paid or both.
  • Secure an on-going revenue for your business by charging for access.
  • Increase your company profile with your social login and win new customers.
  • Provide a valuable service to your customers.

DigitalAir WiiFi have several solutions to help you meet these goals. If you are simply looking to offer "free" internet access to your visitors or would like to gain some reoccurring revenue from internet sales then DigitalAir WiFi have the following scalable solutions for these sectors:


Hotels are seeing the ever-more importance of having a solid and secure WiFi soltuion at their venue.  Customers are expecting fast secure WiFi as much as they are a TV and a bed in their room as standard and are staying loyal to those that have this.  Initially driven by the business customer the trend has now shifted towards every staying cusomer as the smartphone and tablet trend continues.

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Shopping Centres and large department stores are seeing an increase in demand for public WiFi due to the massive eplosion in smartphones and tablets.  Smart comsumers want to compare prices, download vourhers and use social media to improve their shopping exprience.  While shopping centre owners gain valuable retail analytics and an oportunity to sell valuble advertising space.

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Offering high speed WiFi in sports venues is now essential to engage with todays fans. So ensuring that you have the right soltuion that can handle a high-density environemnt is crucial to delivering those service.  Also by providing your own Venue APP you will be able to offer additional benifits such as ticket purchases, venue maps and in-play betting.

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City Centres

Public WiFi is the number one request from busy shoppers wanting to enhance their shopping experience.  Offering a WiFi service in your public area will increase your footfall considerably as data hungry consumers get online to compare prices and download vouchers.  Providing a smartphone APP is also one of the ebst ways to engage shoppers and alter buying dessions.

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Holiday Parks

Offer the best WiFi hotpsot soltuion at your caravan / holiday park and be rewarded with more repeat customers!  Use our "Hotspot Social" package and get Facbook "likes" for every person that uses your hotspot!  Promoting your holiday park to thousands if facebook users!  This alone will breing you lots of new customers and many happy repeat visitors.

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Pubs and Clubs

Offering Free WiFi access in your pubs and clubs is the easiest way to not only attract people to your venue but to keep them there purchasing more.  Our "Free Social" hotpsot soltuion is perfet for Pub and Club owners to cash in on social marketing and see an explosion in visitors!  Dont miss out on using socail media to attract and keep visitors!

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