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While giving out free WiFi, you can Promote your own Facebook Page, get new "LIKEs" and social recommendations from your customers. This increases your business' visibility, customer engagement and sales.

How it works

After connecting to your WiFi hotspot, your customers are forwarded to your own custom splash page. Based on your setup, they may have to like your page before they can use the internet for free.

A message will be posted on their walls in the background, like "Am Currently Enjoying free internet @ :)".

Advantages of Facebook likes

  • More engaged users with new "Likes", means more interacting users. Those who click the Facebook Like button are "more engaged, active and connected than the average Facebook user."
  • Expression of affinity with new "Likes", help to build a more personal relationship with your customers.
  • Directly advertise with your facebook page to users who have previously liked.
  • Viral syndication of content whenever you post something to your Facebook Page, it has the potential of appearing in the news feed of your Fans. The more they interact with your page the more people you can reach. You can also post a message on their walls about your business which increases the interaction.
  • Boost the traffic to your page/business depending on the number of fans you have, multiplied by the number of friends they have, your content could achieve wide viral syndication. That can lead to increased traffic to your Facebook Page as a result which means more customers and more sales.
  • Learn More About Your Customers with the analytics component of your Facebook Page, called Insights, provides detailed data on fan activity, as well as demographic information such as age, gender and geographic location, all of which can be important for the purposes of market research.

Main Features

  • No need for passwords so you don't need to set up a password and spell it for your customers. This can save valuable time for your staff.
  • Customisable WiFi start page so you can choose from built-in templates, then you can promote specials & offers by customizing it.
  • Collect user data with verified e-mail addresses are collected from each user who accept the app which allows free internet access. You can also collect additional data like phone number or any information by defining custom questions (e.g. guest feedback).
  • Monitor Internet Usage so you can set bandwidth and traffic limits for each user. You can track bandwidth consumption, time spent logged-in by users, create usage reports by location or router. Check online users, ongoing or closed sessions.

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