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DigitalAir WiFi SMS

Our "WiFi Hotspot SMS" package allows you to use SMS texting to control access to your hotspot.

How can users get access? Users receive a unique UserName and Password to their mobile phones via SMS.

With this code they can can log in on the start page. Each user has an expiration (determined by you) so users will be logged off automatically after a specified time or allowed data traffic.

  • Hotspot Free SMS authorise customers via their mobile phones, advertise your business by your WiFi Start Page!
  • Authorize your Customers via their Mobile Phone You can collect phone numbers for advertising or legal purposes (you can track people in case of illegal activities in your hotspot).
  • Compliance with Telecommunication Laws in the European Union, and there can be country specific laws, like the Pisanu Law in Italy.
  • Capture Additional Data you can request additional data from your customers like email, phone number, or you can even create up to 5 custom questions which your customers need to fill out.
  • Monitor Hotspot Usage track usage information by user or create usage reports by location or device. Check online users, ongoing or closed sessions.

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