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DigitalAir WiFi Free

Our "WiFi Hotspot Free" package allows you to offer free WiFi access whilst still capturing details about your customers.

How do users get access?

They have to click on the Login button after accepted the Terms.

Login is done automatically (without having to type any usernames or passwords).

  • Advertise Your Business with your own Wi-Fi Start Page when people connect to your Wi-Fi signal, they are redirected automatically to your Hotspot Start Page (called Splash Page). Your Hotspot comes with built-in Splash Page designs, called 'Skins', made by professional designers and graphics artists.
  • Upload your own Logos, Daily Menu, etc. you can easily upload your own logos into 3 different positions. You can also create your own look using the built-in Skin editor. If you have multiple locations, each location can have different looks and you can update it anytime remotely from the Control Center.
  • Data Capture*. you can customize what fields you require from your customers. You can request email, phone number, other personal data, or you can even create up to 5 custom question which your customers need to fill out (like feedback).
  • Run your own Ad-Campaign* you can put your own banners to advertise your own or others' services. You can also choose to redirect customers to your own page hosted on your server. This can bring more people to your place!
  • Monitor Hotspot Usage track usage information by user or create usage reports by location or device. Check online users, ongoing or closed sessions.
  • Your Own Branding (White Label option) you can even use your own domain name so the service will look like as it is was your own. This option requires an extra one time setup fee.

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