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Advertise your business

Advertise your business and gain loyal customers by redirecting users to your own start page where you can write important or other information about your location after connecting to the hotspot.

Cloud-based hotspot solution

If you operate hotspots in more than one location you can list all your locations and routers installed. Each router sends a life signal to our server hourly, so you can see which one is working correctly. You can also list users who are logged in to your hotspot.

Stay compliant with EU Laws

In the European Union you are required to store user's personal information to prevent illegal activities in public hotspots. Our solution handles the data capturing to meet the legal requirements.

Use social media to login

Use the powerful social media tool, enabling you to force the page likes to accept access to the hotpsot network.

Available in multiple languages

Start pages are available in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Hungarian.

Customise your portal

You are able to brand splash pages using a custom domain name so the service will look like as it is was your own.

Mobile phone support

Users with mobile phones can easily use the hotspot without having to install any software onto their phones. They can use the phone's built-in browser to authenticate.

Gather interesting statistics

You can find out how many times a user logged in, how much time did he/she spend online, how much traffic did he/she downloaded and uploaded. You can also see the MAC address(es) of his/her computers.

Take credit card payment or voucher

Users can pay for the access directly from your Hotspot Start page or use pre-paid vouchers. When their access expires, they will be redirected to the Start page so they can pay again.

Not just for WiFi

The system is not made for Wi-Fi only. You can easily connect desktop computers or kiosks so people without laptops can also use your Internet Hotspot.

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